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Our Story

The BarTech Group, Inc. was founded by President and CEO, Dwayne K. Barlow, who started his career in the utility industry in 1984 as a meter reader for ComEd – an Exelon Company. With more than 33 years of progressive experience, he is now at the helm one of a few African-American-owned electrical construction contracting firms in the Midwest. Barlow followed his dream to become an entrepreneur in hopes of leaving a legacy for his family while providing job opportunities in the electrical field for his community.

He began his entrepreneurial path by launching Gaffney’s PMI in 2010, which later became The BarTech Group, Inc. in 2014. The company initially specialized in all facets of outdoor electrical construction and maintenance, including street lighting, fiber optics, stadium lighting and railroad projects.

It has now grown by leaps and bounds into a multi-million dollar business. As a result of the growth, The BarTech Group, Inc. has expanded its services to include a security systems and fencing division. This division offers a wide variety of innovative security solutions along with fencing options ranging from beta to razor wire.

The BarTech Group’s success is shaped by the commitment, skill and experience of its talented workforce. Over a short span, “Team BarTech” has grown from seven to 72 employees currently” to “has grown from seven to more than 70 employees. With internal training and mentoring as the foundation of the company’s culture, Barlow relies upon the vast knowledge-base of his senior leadership and veteran tradesmen to continue exploring ways to provide superior service to clients.

Our Mission

The BarTech Group’s mission is to provide professional expertise in the electrical sector for clients while creating continuous internal training and employment opportunities for local communities.